Quiet Mind Cafe

Quiet Mind Cafe

Free guided meditations for the well-being of your body, mind, and soul. Practice meditation techniques for stress relief, better sleep, healing, and relaxation.

Receive guidance and support through individual sessions.

I've been meditating for 35 years and have travel to India several times to study and meditate. I can help guide you to a more peaceful and beautiful inner experience. let's talk.

For personal guidance please send an email and we will arrange a time to talk by video or by phone.

Scott Gaul




Observe the Moment - a meditation

Free guided meditation techniques

Quiet Mind Cafe is a good place to find meditations for beginners and guided meditations to help you enter deeper states of meditation. Here you will find ways to improve your meditation technique. Meditation can be for spiritual healing, stress relief, or better sleep. You will also find some well-known prayers for your inspiration here at Quiet Mind Cafe.

Why free? My teacher once told me that spirituality is free, like the sunshine and the air we breathe. I can offer these free guided meditation videos because of the contributions of the sponsors who advertise here. Take a look around and see what they have to offer.



Scott Gaul